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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

You may be involved in a contractual or consumer dispute (in relation to a product or service), a dispute at work or with a neighbour, or have suffered financial harm or physical injury through the actions of others. Or perhaps you are being threatened with Court proceedings.

There are two sides to every case and the opposition will always formulate a counter argument. Our many years of experience and our determination to uphold our clients’ rights allows us to focus on what is important and think tactically to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

We deal with a wide variety of disputes including:

Personal Injury
Medical negligence
• Professional negligence
Intellectual Property Rights
Employment Law
• Sale of goods and supply of services
Contract disputes

Court proceedings are always a last resort and we will advise you on alternative avenues such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). Our skilled dispute resolution team will help you to negotiate as far as possible to avoid the costs and stress of going to Court.

We will discuss your options with regard to funding and your case may be eligible for No Win No Fee.

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