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Debt Recovery

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Debt Recovery

It can adversely affect your cash flow when your clients or customers refuse to pay. We offer an extremely competitive, cost effective way to recover your commercial debts using a combination of our highly trained, experienced legal staff and intelligent lettering suites. We aim to ensure that recovering what is owed to you is quick and easy and that important business relationships are maintained wherever possible.

We are not like many other debt collection firms – we are excellent value for money. We are not a legal factory where unqualified staff run a case solely through a legal software programme. We treat each case individually and simply charge only £10 + VAT for an initial UK Letter Before Action (in which we request payment from the debtor within 7 days) or Late Payment Demand (which allows you to claim interest, compensation and your reasonable debt collection costs as determined by statute where both parties were acting in the course of business). We charge £20.00 + VAT for an overseas Letter Before Action. We do not charge set up fees.

If the Letter Before Action is unsuccessful, pre legal proceedings, where the debt is uncontested, we will consider pursuing your debt on a No Collection No fee basis.

In many cases on receipt of a Letter Before Action the recipient makes payment. But if the initial Letter before Action does not produce the desired result we can pursue the debt further and take a small percentage of what we recover (a commission) on any UK debts pre legal action (10% on debts up to £1000 and 6% on debts of £1000 and over). With this arrangement we do not charge for our time if we are unsuccessful. Please contact us for details of our commission on overseas debts and for further details of our debt collection fees generally.

In most cases, using our Debt Recovery service provides swift results and prevents the need for Court Proceedings, thus saving you and your business time and expensive legal costs. Most debtors pay on receipt of our Letter Before Action but if they do not and you wish to pursue the matter further we can issue County Court Proceedings. We offer fixed fees for cases where you instruct us to issue Court proceedings, unless the case becomes defended in which case we treat your matter as contested. If contested, we may charge for any future work on an hourly rate basis but we will discuss our likely charges with you at that point. Where we issue Court proceedings on your behalf you will also pay the Court fee, the amount of which varies depending on how much your claim is for.

With our wealth of expertise we provide honest advice and will tell you if we do not believe a debt to be worth pursuing.


As an alternative to issuing a County Court Claim, or in order to enforce a Court Order obtained against a debtor, you can seek to make a debtor bankrupt, or, if the debtor is a company, have the company wound up. Insolvency proceedings are suitable only where the debt is not disputed.


If judgment is obtained in your favour but a debtor still refuses to pay, we can take enforcement proceedings on your behalf to enforce a Court Order.

Contested Litigation

Disputed or complicated cases which are not suitable for our Debt Recovery Service are dealt with by our highly experienced Litigators. Instead please see Contract Disputes.

Qualifications and Experience

All work is supervised by a qualified solicitor. Please see Key People for relevant qualifications and experience of those assisting with your matter.



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