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Our Commitment

We want to be an integral part of your success

We are a highly experienced, specialist, niche practice which provides practical, honest and cost effective advice in relation to all aspects of commercial and personal dispute resolution.

As a boutique firm we are able to provide a highly responsive and personal service. We are small enough to care.

Sullivans Solicitors pride ourselves on our professionalism, excellent judgement skills and consistently high level of client service. We not only aim to meet your expectations but to exceed them.

Sullivans continually seek to maintain the status of being a “cutting edge” professional and legal Practice. For example Sullivans Solicitors Limited was one of the first Sole Director limited companies in the country. In business for over 12 years, we are a commercially-minded and approachable organisation and have many clients who have remained with us for many years due to the honest and high standard of service received.

We are not a legal factory. We do not use a production line of unqualified staff relying solely on a litigation software programme to run a case. We provide a bespoke service using experienced lawyers, tailored to your precise needs. We care and we mean business.

Using our wealth of experience we provide a realistic estimate of what your dispute is likely to cost so that you can make informed decisions to achieve your desired outcome. We are dedicated to reaching the best possible result for you at the lowest possible cost.

We understand the core values held by businesses and offer a proactive, innovative, client-focussed service, tailored to meeting your goals.

The earlier you seek our advice the better. Many disputes can be resolved before the parties’ positions become entrenched and legal proceedings commence. Early instruction helps us to achieve this. We are committed to winning your case and have excellent rates of success. We provide City-quality advice and can work with you to build strong and lasting relationships with your business partners and consumers.

We have built long term relationships with our Clients and understand the market and industry in which they work. Litigation is an unwelcome distraction for you and we will do our utmost to ensure that the process runs smoothly so that you can continue to concentrate on what you do best. We are always readily available to discuss your specific needs.


Sullivans Solicitors was established in 2006 as a Limited Liability Partnership and has grown rapidly and successfully into the specialist legal practice that it is today. We incorporated to become Sullivans Solicitors Limited in 2011.

In 2012 we moved our offices from North London to Welwyn Garden City, twenty minutes by train from London.